About Us

Our mission

Designing streetwear for crypto kids is more than a hobby for us, it's a statement.

Our main purpose is to evangelize cryptocurrency, especially among young generations, who will take over Web3 as a wonderful gift, and bring it way further.
We engage in this fight by designing cool pieces of clothing for the crypto community, with unique references to the crypto world. We make it look cool, and we help crypto and blockchain enthusiasts connect in real life.

We go even further, as we enable our customers to pay with crypto. Buying tangible goods with cryptocurrency, to us, is an act of rebellion against centralized finance. We support this by accepting more than 30 different coins. We're all shaping the future together, one step at a time. 

Why CryptoCoolKids?

"I've met people at work or at parties who were into crypto and blockchain. And the only reason we ended up passionately talking about this, is because I saw an app on their phone, or they mentioned something about cryptocurrency...

Finally, I browsed the internet looking for a cool t-shirt highlighting my interest in crypto, that I could proudly wear everywhere. But I found nothing remarkable, nothing original.

That's how I decided to create my own crypto clothing brand, and CryptoCoolKids came to life.

This brand is dedicated to those living in the crypto world, whether you're an enthusiast or a fanatic, a day trader or a hodler, a programmer or a newbie. You'll find in our store something for you.

And the best part is: we have so many things coming!
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- SLS, Founder of CryptoCoolKids